ICAP Annual Report 2015/16

ICAP is a markets, technology and risk solutions business.

We are here to help improve markets for the long term. Our strategic purpose is to shape, enable and operate dynamic, efficient and safer financial markets for the benefit of our customers and their customers.

To achieve that goal we have built capabilities and services across the trade life cycle, delivered by specialist people and platforms.

We create value for customers through the quality of our services and the way we engage: partnering with the market to develop innovative, critical solutions that become industry standards.

We continue to deliver this promise and strengthen our reputation as trusted partners because ICAP people demonstrate excellence and drive.

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Annual Report 2015

Full 2016 Annual Report


Strategic Report 2016

Strategic Report


Governance Report 2016

Governance and Directors' Report


Financial Statements 2016

Financial Statements





ICAP plays a pivotal role in bringing buyers and sellers together in the global wholesale financial markets.

We help our customers manage and mitigate their risks and provide them with a choice of trading venues and execution methods ranging from fully electronic to broker assisted trades. This allows them to select the most appropriate execution method depending on the liquidity of the product and their specific needs. They also have access to an unrivalled source of financial markets data. Our risk mitigation services help customers reduce both their operational risk and market exposure.

We continue to innovate and develop new products and services as the markets and our customers' needs evolve.

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